Tina Johnson
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owner of Alicorn Farms In LaRonge Saskatchewan. i live off grid in a small cabin south of laRonge with my family where we run a trail riding operation encouraging young people to get off the couch and go explore

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    Housing is definately an issue in our community. Not only is there an extreme shortage of rental properties but the few we do have are substandard dumps run by slum lords. Tenants are to frightened to go to the rental board for fear of ending up homeless and landlords take advantage by charging outlandish rent and refusing to fix the houses when things break down (leaky roofs, broken furnaces, ect) something needs to be done in our community soon! Ive seen quite a few new buildings go up in laRonge but none for rental. They are either condos or student housing. Its time for a new apartment block thats available to the general public more low income housing or our leaders could look into habitat for humanity projects for the communities. most of our homeless arent homeless because they are poor or addicts. They are homeless because there really is no place to rent